I am extremely honored to introduce our three newest members to our “Yeomen of Regard”.

Dick Sewell, Bev Paro and Roy Paro go further back in the history of the Sudbury Savoyards than most can recall, but without their dedication and contributions, both on-stage and behind the scenes, this organization would not be as we know it today.

Our first honoree has been absent for almost 10 years so he may not be as familiar a name or face to the newest members of our Savoyard family.

Dick Sewell’s first on-stage appearance was in the 1966 production of The Yeomen of the Guard. Coincidentally, it was Roy Paro who encouraged Dick to lend his tenor voice to the men’s chorus while Roy, I’ve been told by a reliable source, “hid in the back of the bass section”. Dick did advance to the front of the stage in the role of ‘Francesco’ in both the 1971 and 1980 productions of The Gondoliers.

In 1974 Dick became more interested in the organization of the organization and performed the role of assistant conductor for the dual production of Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore. For the 1978 production of The Mikado he led orchestra section rehearsals, as well as singing in the choruses.

In 1977 Dick began his 8 years of Ticket Sales culminating in 9 more years as the Ticket Chief. He also helped make the playbill a financial reality by nailing down those important advertisers.

When I got out of college and was starting my career I bumped into Dick at a Sudbury event and he said “it’s time to come back, we’re doing Ruddigore this year!” Thus began the tradition of Dick and I having our picture taken together in costume every year, whether we were on-stage partners or not.

Singing was always Dick’s joy and for many years he sang in the Sudbury United Methodist Church choir. Before retiring to Maine, Dick faithfully sang in 30 consecutive performances, ending with, most appropriately, our 1995 production of The Mikado.

I am happy to say that the weather was in our favor today so that our first honoree could be with us this evening, all the way from Maine…please welcome back, and congratulate, Dick Sewell.

Andrea J. Roessler

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