Will Ford broke in the easy way (?) as Co-Chairman of the Sudbury Savoyards in 1967 and 1968 and then, with his unabiding love of Gilbert and Sullivan, took on the full chairmanship for the next sixteen years, sharing the load in 1977. Because there was no Producer or Board during those years -the person power we now use to execute a show - everything that had to be done outside the actual directing fell under the bailiwick of the chairman. Not only did Will, with his faithful gusto perform this monumental task, but he spasmodically graced the stage as a chorus member or symbolic walk-on. Will Ford provided the organizational glue to hold together the Savoyards from 1968 to 1984. In 1985 he assisted in the reforming of the Sudbury Savoyards to the regional community organization that we now know, and smoothed the transition by serving on the Board of Trustees for two additional years. And to further spread his expertise, he was Playbill Printer Liaison and did ad sales work for two years beyond that. Will has contributed a total of twenty-one years of faithful service that meant so much to the continued life of our organization. Thank you so much, Will!!!

Roy Paro 2003

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