Sally Osborn was active in the Sudbury Savoyards for seventeen straight years starting in 1978 with The Mikado, and ending with 1995's The Mikado as Stage Director. In that span of time Sally's involvement increased, as did the impact of her leadership in her five years on the board, most significantly as our first Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1985 to 1988. Sally passed away in the Spring of 1995, but her contributions to our group continue even to this day in countless aspects of stage production, management, and the overall culture of community that we enjoy to this day.

Details of Sally Osborn's involvement were gleaned from the archives with input from David Larrick, her husband from 1983 until her passing in 1995.

The years 1978 to 1983 saw Sally move into key positions within the production staff, culminating as Assistant Director in that season's double bill of Cox & Box and H.M.S. Pinafore, as well as participation on-stage in the chorus joined by her daughter, Elizabeth (Betsy) Osborn, as the midshipmite. In 1984 Sally was Assistant Director of Patience, a chorister, and appeared in the role of the Solicitor under the masculine moniker of "S.E.Ruetenick" (a fitting take-off of her maiden name!). Yet that year was the beginning of major changes in the business of managing this church-sponsored theatrical troupe that came together yearly to raise funds for the relief of world hunger.

Creation of the Board of Trustees and adoption of our current bylaws occurred in 1984 at the urging of the Sudbury United Methodist Church. This allowed the Sudbury Savoyards to exist autonomously and insured longevity of the group-independent of any one strong leader. Sally Osborn and DJ (Dorothy Jane) Oakes penned the bylaws at that time while both DJ and David Larrick developed our first organizational task lists. Both were first approved in August of that year with Sally as the Chairman of the board by acclamation of the membership at the Last Supper of 1985.

Sally's management skills were equally matched by her creative endeavors. A great talent and love of sewing brought Sally into the realm of theatre back in Ohio (Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival) where she enjoyed happy summers of sewing coupled with Shakespeare. Many will remember Sally as Costume Designer for The Gondoliers (1991), Costume Construction Chief for The Sorcerer (1992) as well as substantial participation on costume crew in many other shows. She was stage director for The Pirates of Penzance in 1993 as well as Set Designer for 1994's Patience.

David recalls Sally's love of music through singing, and her enjoyment of Gilbert and Sullivan's choruses. She felt that major participation both onstage or off was of vital importance to every production, and that each Sudbury Savoyard could step into significant leadership roles. To realize her vision, Sally actively engendered a culture of cooperation and camaraderie within the group to allow for enthusiastic and willing novices to contribute as well as letting prior leaders to reduce their participation gracefully while remaining fully active members. Hers was always an attitude of inclusion and equality, ever keeping at bay the petty "demons" of cliquish community theatre groups.

One can hardly remember a time in our group before things were done "The Sudbury Savoyard" way! We owe that in great part to Sally Osborn, and thus honor her this day with our other Yeomen of Regard.

Paula Moravek

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