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Social Director Task List

Last Revised on July 9, 2014

Welcome to your Task List! The Sudbury Savoyards Task Lists are designed to be used as a guideline for how you can successfully complete your job in the current production. The task list is divided into five sections: In order to keep this task list current and helpful, please edit it as you see fit. You will be asked to turn in your marked-up copy at the Debriefing Meeting. You can also send any changes electronically by clicking here or the link at the top of this page.

General Information

Quick List

Task Description & When due
Recruit Hosts for Two-Ring September/October
Refreshment Supplies October/November - Review and assess supplies in the attic to see what is needed for cups, plates, napkins, etc.
Arrange for Audition Refreshments October/November
Rehearsal Refreshments November to February -> Beginning at first rehearsal and continuing through performances.
Recruit host for Company Party (post Final Performance) and Strike Party (post Sunday Strike) ASAP - but definite by early February.
Organize Monster Sunday Potluck Start Organizing in mid-January held on the First Sunday of Tech week
Friday Night Parties January/February - Friday
Black Box Refreshments & Water Arrange for water (hot/cold) in black box during Tech Week and Performances
Organize Post-Performance Social Events During the run of the show
Attend Debriefing Meeting Date is determined by the Producer
Return Task List Return to the Task List Manager at Debriefing Meeting.

Task Details

Recruit Hosts for Two-Ring

The Two-Ring Circus is the kick-off gathering for the spring show. It is a party, but is also used as a way to introduce people to the directors, the production and the group. It generally brings in 30-40 people so consider space issues when recruiting hosts. A host has often been recruited prior to recruitment of the Social Director so check in with Production staff before looking for a host.

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Audition Refreshments

The Social Director must recruit members to provide refreshments for auditions. Refreshments are needed both audition nights, but not for callback's. A good time to recruit volunteers would be at the Two Ring Circus. There will be leftovers from that party which might last long enough as well. Many baked goods leftover from Two-Ring Circus can be frozen and brought back out for auditions. Suggestion to ask a few key players of the production to bring a drink and a snack to not have too many refreshments since rehearsals don't start up for several more weeks.

Per the church: absolutely NO food which contains any peanut products is to be brought to rehearsal.

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Rehearsal Refreshments

Create a sign-up sheet for the cast to provide refreshments. Depending on size of cast have 2-3 people sign up to bring snacks/drinks for each rehearsal (or as the stockpile increases ask for fewer snacks). Each person who signs up is responsible for both snack and drink. Snack/drink providers are also asked to help Social Director at end of rehearsal to clear/clean the kitchen. Social Director should arrange designated storage area in the kitchen for food and supplies.

Per the church: absolutely NO food which contains any peanut products is to be brought to rehearsal. Make sure this is communicated and repeated to the cast.

Any extra paper goods and/or food can be stored in the bins in the attic labeled "Sudbury Savoyards Social Supplies". During run of the show we can usually store one bin on the landing of SR outside the attic door. If Social Director is not called for a particular rehearsal they should recruit a point-person to be in charge of set-up/clean-up.

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Recruit host for Company Party (post Final Performance) and Strike Party (post Sunday Strike)

Both the Company Party and the Strike Party are the final social gatherings for the production run of the show. These hosts should be recruited as early during the production as possible, but definite by early February. These parties often involve the full cast, crew and orchestra members (typically around 50-80 people!). These numbers should be a factor in recruiting an appropriate house for the parties. For the Company Party the Social Director should emphasize that a BSTS (Bring Something to Share) should be substantial food and encourage people to plan ahead! For the Strike Party often there are leftovers from the "Last Supper" or an order for food should be made as no one has time to make/collect more food for this party.

Help in set-up/clean-up from Company party and Strike party if hosts would like help.

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Monster Sunday Potluck

After Load-In on the Saturday for the first Tech rehearsal at the theater there is typically a potluck supper that all are invited to. The cast are the ones who provide food for themselves, the tech crew and any orchestra members who choose to attend. The Social Director should start a sign-up for the potluck by mid-January. Also assess what paper goods are most needed for the potluck. The Social Director should also arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of call time to organize tables with labels (ie: Main Dish-Meat, Main Dish-Vegetarian, Snacks, Drinks, etc) to prepare for all the food arrival. Social Director should recruit 3-5 helpers to clean the cafeteria post potluck.

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Friday Night Parties

Recruit part hosts for Friday night post-rehearsal parties. These typically start with the first Friday night chorus rehearsal and stop a week before Tech Week -- no party the night before put-in. Saturday post-work-day parties have been tried in the past, but did not work. Friday parties should not go late, so that people can show up to work on Saturday.

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Black Box Refreshments & Water

Social Director is responsible for arranging some way to have water in the black box. There is not a good way to fill jugs of water or the hot water heater. Either have everyone bring a gallon of water throughout the run of the production or carry water jugs in from home… both have been done in the past. Emphasize appropriate food and drink while in costume (NO dark liquids, no melty, greasy foods, etc).

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Organize Post-Performance Social Events

After performances people are revved up and often like to go out to continue the social aspect and grab some food and drinks. Social Director should arrange ahead of time with local restaurants/bars to see if they will stay open past 11pm if a large group is coming in for food and drink (apparently many local kitchens close by 10pm or 11pm).

Ideas of locations used in the past: Halfway Café (both in Marlboro and Maynard), 29 Sudbury (new as of 2013), in Sudbury Center,The Local (new as of 2013), in Wayland.

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Attend Debriefing Meeting

The Producer is responsible for setting for scheduling the Debriefing session, generally held within a month of the show closing. The meeting is to go over the production, focusing on areas of great success and areas which need significant improvement.

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Return Task List

If not already turned in, return the task list at the Debriefing Meeting.

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