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Playbill Layout Chief Task List

Last Revised on October 2, 2006

Welcome to your Task List! The Sudbury Savoyards Task Lists are designed to be used as a guideline for how you can successfully complete your job in the current production. The task list is divided into five sections: In order to keep this task list current and helpful, please edit it as you see fit. You will be asked to turn in your marked-up copy at the Debriefing Meeting. You can also send any changes electronically by clicking here or the link at the top of this page.

General Information

Quick List

Complete? Task Timeframe
Background Info
New Info
Collect Bios- Staff Beginning in November
Collect Bios- Leads Beginning in November
Collect Text Material Beginning in December
Attend Debriefing Meeting Date is determined by the Producer
Return Task List Return to the Task List Manager at Debriefing Meeting. See Calendar for the exact date.

Task Details

Background Info

Playbill page limit is a multiple of 4. Some printers may require larger multiples. 32 (plus cover) may be optimal. All text should be placed on a right hand page if possible. General layout order is:

Production bios (directors, assistants, designers) - generally 3 pages;

Title page (include all names above), followed by Sponsors and Pastor Letter;

Lead bios (about four pages);

Plot synopsis (generally one or two pages);

Chorus and Dramatis Personae (facing pages, center fold);

Orchestra and rehearsal pianists (immediately after DP);

Tech Staff (two facing pages) and Business Staff (immediately after Tech Staff);

Glossary (1 1/2 pages) and Past Shows.

Fit where room permits: List of Trustees and Special Thanks.

This generally comes to 18 pages of text, leaving 14 pages for ads (not including covers).

Page layout is as follows: Sheet 1: Sheet 8:

Page 01 | Page 32 Page 15 | Page 18

Page 02 | Page 31 Page 16 | Page 17

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New Info

Find out from the Directors (Stage, Music, Tech) whether there are any new staff positions this year, i.e. Choreographer? Assistant Director? Determine whether these positions merit bios in the playbill - generally yes, but keep space issues in mind.

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Collect Bios- Staff

Begin to collect bios from the artistic/technical staff: Stage Director, Music Director, Producer, Technical Director, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Makeup Designer, and the Set Designer. Follow up often and make sure everyone understands when the deadline is for turning them in.

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Collect Text Material

Material to collect: title page (includes all directors and designers); story of the opera (from Stage Director); history of the Savoyards (from Database Manager); glossary of libretto vocabulary (from Stage Director, optional); letter from SUMC pastors (from Church Liaison). Back to Quick List

Attend Debriefing Meeting

The Producer is responsible for setting for scheduling the Debriefing session, generally held within a month of the show closing. The meeting is to go over the production, focusing on areas of great success and areas which need significant improvement.

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Return Task List

If not already turned in, return the task list at the Debriefing Meeting.

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Tasks that require your input, but are the responsibility of others

Task Description Timeframe
Leads Publicity The Publicity Chief will prepare a questionnaire for the leads gathering info to be used in publicity. This can include a bio for the newspapers/other media. Work with the Publicity Cheif to coordinate any shared data. November
Playbill Cover Graphic The Graphic Designer will prepare the playbill cover art work. Make sure they are aware of printer deadlines. November

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The Playbill Layout Chief is responsible for the design of the playbill, through the final camera-ready pasteup. {Who is responsible for collecting the bios?}
Hierarchy CompleteTaskList Calendar of Events Report changes

Task Who Does Who_Checks TaskDate Tied To Offset
Background Info for Playbill Layout PlaybillLayoutChief PrinterLiaison 5/1/2003 FiscalYear 0
Recruit Playbill Layout Chief Producer Chairman, PlaybillLayoutChief 8/21/2003 AugBoard 7
Playbill-submit biographies StageDirector, MusicDirector, Producer, TechnicalDirector, CostumeDesigner, LightingDesigner, MakeupDesigner, SetDesigner PlaybillLayoutChief 11/24/2003 FirstReh 0
Submit advertising copy for playbill (preliminary) PlaybillAdChief PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer 1/14/2004 LastPerf -46
Deliver playbill cover final layout GraphicDesigner PlaybillLayoutChief 1/14/2004 JanBoard 7
Proof-read biographies for playbill PlaybillLayoutChief StageDirector, MusicDirector, Producer, TechnicalDirector, CostumeDesigner, LightingDesigner, MakeupDesigner, SetDesigner 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit cast list (chorus and leads) for playbill CastManager, DatabaseManager Producer, PlaybillLayoutChief 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit crew lists for playbill Producer, TechnicalDirector Chairman, SecondTrombone, PlaybillLayoutChief, DatabaseManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit orchestra list for playbill OrchestraManager DatabaseManager, PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit patrons and sponsors lists for playbill PlaybillAdChief PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer, DatabaseManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit special thanks and credits for playbill Chairman, MusicDirector, Producer, StageDirector, TechnicalDirector PlaybillLayoutChief, DatabaseManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Submit advertising copy for playbill (final) PlaybillAdChief PlaybillLayoutChief 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Deadline for patrons and sponsors PlaybillAdChief PlaybillLayoutChief,Producer 1/25/2004 LastPerf -35
Deliver playbill final layout PlaybillLayoutChief PrinterLiaison, Producer 2/9/2004 LastPerf -20
Deliver playbill final layout to printer PlaybillLayoutChief Producer 2/10/2004 LastPerf -19