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Orchestra Manager Task List

Last Revised on May 7, 2009

Welcome to your Task List! The Sudbury Savoyards Task Lists are designed to be used as a guideline for how you can successfully complete your job in the current production. The task list is divided into five sections: In order to keep this task list current and helpful, please edit it as you see fit. You will be asked to turn in your marked-up copy at the Debriefing Meeting. You can also send any changes electronically by clicking here or the link at the top of this page.

General Information

Quick List

Complete? Task Timeframe
Recruit Orchestra Members Begin recruiting on consulting with the Music Director.
Distribute Orchestra Parts When parts become available,using 1st class, not media mail; and with accompanying instrumentalists' information.
Attend Debriefing Meeting Date is determined by the Producer
Return Task List Return to the Task List Manager at Debriefing Meeting. See Calendar for the exact date.

Task Details

Recruit Orchestra Members

Needed: good instrumentalists willing to donate time to 6 rehearsals and 7 performances.
Consult the Music Director for performer recommendations and for instrumentation requirements.

Acquire a list of instrumentalists by referring to former Sudbury Savoyard orchestra rosters, programs and the company database. As contacts are made, ask players to recommend others who would qualify. To further extend the list, attend performances of suburban Boston amateur and semi-professional orchestras. Inquire about orchestra members through their personnel managers listed in the programs. Contact the Lincoln-Sudbury High School Music Department for promising current student instrumentalists who may be interested in performing. They receive community service credit for participating.

Make calls to individual players, explaining the Sudbury Savoyards organization to new recruits. If the player is available for all performances and most rehearsals, sign them on. Confirm and update postal address (safe for mailing music), phone (including cell phone), and E-mail address. Tell them you will send all information with the music no later than 1 month before the first rehearsal. It helps to recruit the concertmaster before the other strings. A particular position may be shared. If a player cannot do the show, ask about availability as a fill-in, should the need arise later. Consult the Music Director for any special requirements.

Confirm correct spelling of names for the playbill, as the playbill deadline may come before the first full orchestra rehearsal. Provide Music Director and Database Manager with a complete roster, including updated addresses and telephone numbers, and E-mail addresses, both for use in rosters and to generate the playbill.

Enter on a grid all those who are performing, noting any dates they will have to miss. Note all those who have refused, their reasons and their availability as fill-ins for performances and/or rehearsals. (Note which area orchestras have conflicts with Sudbury Savoyard dates, performances and rehearsals, for this particular production.) Be prepared to decide on orchestra seating, if necessary consulting the Music Director and the concertmaster. Be prepared to share car-pooling information among players. Keep detailed records on music distribution. Submit reimbursement forms for recruiting expenses (postage, envelopes, copying, phone calls, etc.), even if you plan to donate these expenses -- it helps with budget planning and may give you a tax deduction.

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Distribute Orchestra Parts

The Music Director is responsible for ordering/obtaining the orchestra parts, but the Orchestra Manager tracks and distributes them to the orchestra members. If "new" music is being generated, advocate for a format which includes notes which are large enough, with only one part on a staff in the shared-parts books. Make certain that all of the numbers in a given opera are included in the parts. If cuts are made and later restored, the music is then available. This is imperative. Parts should be distributed as soon as possible so members may have the longest preparation time.

Distribute orchestra parts, including rehearsal schedules and other written information about the production. If necessary, schedule time with the Concertmaster, to discuss bowing for string parts. This will expedite the first orchestra rehearsals.

All books must be numbered: individual player's book number and how delivered must be recorded. Hand deliver or mail, by First Class, not Media Mail, all music accompanied by a work sheet and maps. Work sheet information should include dates, times, including CALL times, places, who is required to attend (e.g. strings only), need to bring stands when necessary, how to dress (concert black for performances), benefits available including complimentary tickets and meals provided, telephone number for ordering additional paid tickets, information from the Music Director regarding cuts, inserts, corrections, interpretive markings.

List telephone numbers of the Music Director, concertmaster, orchestra managers, and stage manager, asking players to call with any questions or concerns. Place name of player, instrument and seating position on each accompanying worksheet, requesting they check accuracy of name spelling for program listing.

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Attend Debriefing Meeting

The Producer is responsible for setting for scheduling the Debriefing session, generally held within a month of the show closing. The meeting is to go over the production, focusing on areas of great success and areas which need significant improvement.

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Return Task List

If not already turned in, return the task list at the Debriefing Meeting.

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Tasks that require your input, but are the responsibility of others


Task Description Timeframe
Orchestra Parts The Music Director is responsible for ordering/obtaining the orchestra September, so the graphic can be used in the newsletter to announce the show and auditions.

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