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Last Revised on September 11,2012

Welcome to your Task List! The Sudbury Savoyards Task Lists are designed to be used as a guideline for how you can successfully complete your job in the current production. The task list is divided into five sections: In order to keep this task list current and helpful, please edit it as you see fit. You will be asked to turn in your marked-up copy at the Debriefing Meeting. You can also send any changes electronically by clicking here or the link at the top of this page.

General Information

Quick List

Complete? Task Timeframe
Emergency Numbers
Recruit Ushers beginning in January
Arrange for Refreshments early February
Submit crew names late January
Guest Book early February
Ticket Accounting - Performances early February
Attend Debriefing Meeting Date is determined by the Producer
Return Task List Return to the Task List Manager at Debriefing Meeting. See Calendar for the exact date.

Task Details

Emergency Numbers

Police (978-443-8862)
Fire (978-443-2323)
Electric company power failure (508-875-0611)
Ambulance (978-443-2323)
Radio announcement of cancellation (WKOX Framingham 508-879-2222, WTTP Framingham 508-655-2500, WBZ Boston 617-787-7261)

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Recruit Ushers

We need 2 ushers and 2 ticket sellers per performance. The ushers just need to usher and can see most of the performance. One of the ticket sellers is also free about 1/2 hour after the performance starts. The other ticket seller needs to reconcile tickets/money and that takes until about intermission. Since there are always stragglers, this second ticket seller needs to be out in the lobby prepared to sell tickets right up until intermission. Tell lobby staff to dress warmly.
The SUMC UMYF (high school youth group) was once a source of ushers and might become one again.

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Crew Names

Submit all house crew names to the Producer for inclusion in the playbill.

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Arrange for Refreshments

Find a group to handle intermission refreshments in the lobby. The SUMC youth group (UMYF) used to do this as a fund-raiser; more recently Jim Parmentier's girl scout troop has done this and donated the proceeds to us. Most recently, we have purchased the refreshments at bulk stores, such as BJ's. Arrange for donations of refreshment items, where possible -- Very Fine has a juice donation program. Decide on the pricing policy, e.g. to charge per item or request donations.

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Guest Book

Prepare guest book to collect addresses of audience members wishing to be added to the mailing list. This can be with a tear-off form in the program insert (if there is room), or can simply be a sign-up at the refreshment table. If part of the insert, The House Manager needs to provide a box to collect these.

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Ticket Accounting - Performances

Discuss and agree with the Tickets Chief and the Tickets Reservations Chief how unpaid advance orders are to be accounted for. The tickets themselves have come from the Reservations Chief's stock and they must account for them to the Tickets Chief. The House Manager has collected the money and it is to cumbersome to ask them to keep the money separate from the at-the-door and concession sales. What has worked in the past:

The Reservations Chief clearly marks any envelopes given to the House Manager with a "TR"
The House Manager makes sure that all claimed envelopes are returned to the reservations chief (after the last performance, return all envelopes, claimed or not).
The reservations chief will be able to tell the House Manager how much of the total collected was for advance reservations.
This amount is then attributed as sales by the Reservations Chief and SUBTRACTED from the House Manager's total for the performance.

The alternatives are for the Reservations Chief to "turn in" those tickets in envelopes and the Tickets Chief "assigns" them to the House Manager. The disadvantage to this is that it is not an accurate number of advance sales, though to be honest, these are "reserved" and not "sales" unless the tickets are picked up. Back to Quick List

Attend Debriefing Meeting

The Producer is responsible for setting for scheduling the Debriefing session, generally held within a month of the show closing. The meeting is to go over the production, focusing on areas of great success and areas which need significant improvement.

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Return Task List

If not already turned in, return the task list at the Debriefing Meeting.

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Tasks that require your input, but are the responsibility of others


Task Description Timeframe
Graphic Design Work with the Graphic Designer to produce the show "logo". This is used on all advertising, tee-shirts/sweat shirts, tickets, playbill cover, etc. Graphic should give some indication of the stage director's artistic vision. September, so the graphic can be used in the newsletter to announce the show and auditions.

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Task Who Does Who_Checks TaskDate Tied To Offset
Background Info for House Manager HouseManager Producer 5/1/2003 FiscalYear 0
Print tickets-Determine Quantity Producer HouseManager, TicketsChief 11/21/2003 NovBoard 10
Recruit Lobby Sales People HouseManager Producer 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40
Recruit Ushers and Tickets Sellers HouseManager Producer 1/30/2004 LastPerf -30
Sell t-shirts and libretti in the lobby HouseManager InternalSalesChief, Producer 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16
Prepare for emergencies HouseManager Producer 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16
Discuss emergency preparations HouseManager StageManager, Producer 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15
Prepare price posters HouseManager Producer 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14
Assure creature comforts in the lobby HouseManager TechnicalDirector, Producer 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14
Review ticket policies HouseManager TicketsChief, Producer 2/16/2004 FirstPerf -4
Arrange backstage and lobby video monitors VideoChief Producer, HouseManager, StageManager 2/16/2004 LastPerf -13
Pick up printed playbills from printer Producer HouseManager 2/16/2004 FirstPerf -4
Small bills for lobby change TicketsChief HouseManager 2/17/2004 FirstPerf -3
Provide communication from lobby to Stage Manager HouseManager StageManager 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2
Find telephones HouseManager Producer 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2
Find keys for lobby doors HouseManager StageManager 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2
Tickets Chief's duties for performances TicketsChief Treasurer, Producer, HouseManager 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0
Usher training HouseManager Producer 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0
Boutonnieres Producer HouseManager 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0
House Manager's duties at evening performances HouseManager Producer, StageManager 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0
Stage Manager coordination for performances StageManager HouseManagerVideoChief, LightingDesigner, SoundDesigner, MusicDirector 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0
Tickets chief's duties for performances TicketsChief Treasurer, Producer, HouseManager 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0
House Manager's duties for matinee performances HouseManager Producer, StageManager 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0