Sudbury Savoyards
Complete Task List

Props acquisition and construction crew(s) Props acquisition and construction crew(s) should be recruited by now. PropsChief 1/15/2004 LastPerf -45.00 255
Photo Opportunity Take b/w individual head shots (if needed) and group action shots at rehearsals, for publicity distribution to newspapers AND for lobby posters. Group shots in costume are more apt to be printed in the newspapers. Need 5x7 photos for newspapers, probably need 8x10s for the lobby.
Take a black/white cast photograph for distribution to the newspapers.
Photographer 1/16/2004 FirstJanReh 14.00 231
Lighting design complete The basic lighting design should be complete. Take inventory of and check working condition of instruments at stage. Plan needed rental equipment and make arrangements for it. Also check the condition of the cyclorama, house curtain, and follow spot towers. LightingDesigner 1/18/2004 LastPerf -42.00 260
Collect loaned props from cast members Put the name of the owner inside every prop borrowed from the cast. Also keep a list of every borrowed prop and its owner, especially to take care of items (such as coins) which can't easily be marked by owner. (I never did get my old British coins back after Pinafore!) PropsChief 1/18/2004 LastPerf -42.00 259
Build props Make an instruction sheet for each prop that needs to be built, as these can be used by helpers during the tech sessions on Saturdays. It might be useful to keep the instruction sheets very general, to encourage creativity on the part of the helpers. PropsChief 1/18/2004 LastPerf -42.00 258
Cloth inventory at performance space Take an inventory of the cloth at the performance space to assist the Lighting Designer with placement of legs and to determine if any additional cloth must be acquired. StageManager, LightingDesigner 1/19/2004 LastPerf -41.00 263
Submit special thanks and credits for playbill Submit special thanks and credits for playbill to Playbill Layout Chief and Database Manager. The Database Manager also produces this page. In the current layout all special thanks appear on the additional credits page (the program insert). Chairman, MusicDirector, Producer, StageDirector, TechnicalDirector 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 272
Playbill Proofreading Material to proofread: title page (includes all directors and designers); story of the opera (from Stage Director); history of the Savoyards (from Database Manager); glossary of libretto vocabulary (from Stage Director, optional); letter from SUMC pastors (from Church Liaison). PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer, Chairman, ChurchLiaison, MusicDirector, StageDirector 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 103
Recruit Lobby Sales People The House Manager needs a staff of seven to make things run smoothly: 2 ticket sellers, 4 ushers, and a door guard. HouseManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 106
Proof-read biographies for playbill Playbill Layout Chief should post bios on a bulletin board in Hawes Hall to give sufficient time for all concerned to proofread them. Typesetting them and posting them immediately upon receipt is recommended. Also, post names of each person who has still not submitted theirs. PlaybillLayoutChief 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 104
Submit cast list (chorus and leads) for playbill Cast Manager submits cast list (chorus and leads) for playbill to Database Manager. The Playbill Layout Chief determines the format to be used for all the information in the playbill. Database Manager produces and prints information which can be produced from the database, specifically the pages for the Cast, Orchestra, and Business and Technical Production Staff, to specifications provided by the Playbill Layout Chief. Database Manager should give Playbill Layout Chief drafts now to check that the system is working. CastManager, DatabaseManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 268
Submit crew lists for playbill Submit crew lists for playbill to Database Manager. The Playbill Layout Chief determines the format to be used for all the information in the playbill. That information which can be produced from the database, specifically the pages for the Cast, Orchestra, and Business and Technical Production Staff, should be produced and printed by the Database Manager to specifications provided by the Playbill Layout Chief. Drafts showing that the production method is operational are due at this time. Producer, TechnicalDirector 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 269
Submit orchestra list for playbill Submit final orchestra list, by instrument or section, to the Database Manager for use in the playbill. The Playbill Layout Chief determines the format to be used for all the information in the playbill. That information which can be produced from the database, specifically the pages for the Cast, Orchestra, and Business and Technical Production Staff, should be produced and printed by the Database Manager to specifications provided by the Playbill Layout Chief. Drafts showing that the production method is operational are due at this time. OrchestraManager 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 270
Pick up printed tickets from printer Deliver the printed tickets to the Tickets Chief, in time for the Tickets Chief to count them into packets before offering them to the cast. Producer 1/20/2004 LastPerf -40.00 265
Technical staff meeting Hold another meeting for all the crew chiefs. Do they understand how they fit in? How are the preparations going? Any problems for which they need help? TechnicalDirector 1/21/2004 FirstPerf -30.00 304
Tickets to winners of previous year drawing If a drawing for free tickets was held, mail tickets to the winner(s). Names and addresses should be in the May Board Meeting minutes. TicketsChief, Secretary 1/21/2004 LastPerf -39.00 274
Tickets to Telephone Reservations Chief Turn over an ample supply of tickets for all performances to the Reservations Chief, so that mail orders may be filled as soon as they are received. TicketsChief 1/21/2004 LastPerf -39.00 273
Adjust orchestra rehearsal schedule, as needed Take into consideration known conflicts of orchestra members and rehearsal space. If an assistant will conduct any performances, allow sufficient rehearsal time for both cast and orchestra to become familiar with conducting styles. MusicDirector 1/21/2004 JanBoard 14.00 198
Audio-complete audio design Complete basic audio design and make rental arrangements for all necessary equipment SoundDesigner 1/22/2004 LastPerf -38.00 275
String section rehearsal Typically the first orchestra rehearsal is a string section rehearsal. Refreshments are generally provided for the orchestra rehearsals. Check with the Social Director to see if there are stored refreshments from the cast rehearsals at the church that the orchestra can use. OrchestraManager 1/25/2004 FirstOrch 0.00 286
Announce: one week until final cut-off for props PropsChief 1/26/2004 LastPerf -34.00 285
Proof-read special thanks and credits for playbill Proof-read special thanks and credits for playbill for spelling, omissions, additions. PlaybillLayoutChief, TechnicalDirector, Chairman, MusicDirector, Producer, StageDirector 1/27/2004 LastPerf -33.00 291
Proof-read cast list (chorus and leads) for playbill Check the playbill for spelling, omissions, additions. PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer, Chairman, CastManager, DatabaseManager 1/27/2004 LastPerf -33.00 287
Proof-read orchestra list for playbill Proof-read playbill for additions, omissions and spelling. PlaybillLayoutChief, OrchestraManager, MusicDirector, Producer, DatabaseManager 1/27/2004 LastPerf -33.00 289
Proof-read crew lists for playbill Proof-read crew lists for playbill for spelling, omissions, additions. PlaybillLayoutChief, Producer, TechnicalDirector, DatabaseManager 1/27/2004 LastPerf -33.00 288
Tech Week-Draft Gofers Who needs a go-fer? When? Every night? One or two on Saturday? Determine this in advance, so that sign-up sheets can be prepared. The Database Manager has a program for producing sign-up sheets. There may be non-cast-members available to do this. For example, loyal members who had conflicts and were otherwise unable to participate this year are a good choice. Non-cast-members may be able to work all week, which is preferable to cast members who should only be asked to sign up for one stint as go-fer.
Each person who needs a go-fer should give some idea of how and when the go-fer will be used, so that this info can be provided on or adjacent to the sign-up sheet.
2002 Note: Official go-fers have not been used for several years. Those department heads needing help have recruited on their own.
CastManager 1/29/2004 LastPerf -31.00 292
Recruit Ushers and Tickets Sellers House Staff (ushers and ticket sellers) should be recuited by now. HouseManager 1/30/2004 LastPerf -30.00 298
Last Supper-confirmation Check Last Supper plans with the supper coordinator. Get a list of names of the workers for the supper so that they may be acknowledged as members of the Sudbury Savoyards. Correct spellings of names are important. ChurchLiaison 1/30/2004 LastPerf -30.00 294
Monster Sunday-Check for supplies Check the attic for supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, spoons, knives. Recruit 2-4 gophers for Monster Sunday, 1-2 gophers for production week. This is important! Gophers should set up and take down food and snacks, and on Monster Sunday should make sure food is warm, e.g. manage crock pots and hot plates. Therefore, Sunday gophers should not be members of the cast, orchestra, or crew. SocialDirector 1/30/2004 MonsterSun -16.00 450
Purchase or rent audio supplies Purchase gaffer tape, cable adapters, etc. and arrange rental of equipment. A feedback eliminator will help set levels. Stoney Ballard may be able to provide one, but needs at least one month advance notice. SoundDesigner 1/30/2004 LastPerf -30.00 317
Arrange for transportation of set and equipment Arrangements for transportation of set and equipment to performance space should be made by now. TechnicalDirector 1/31/2004 LastPerf -29.00 299
Costumes almost done, photographer ready New and borrowed costumes should be done and fitted by this time, in readiness for the 'cast in costume' photo. Note: rental costumes will not be available for this photo. CostumeConstructionChief, Photographer 1/31/2004 LastPerf -29.00 300
First full orchestra rehearsal Provide refreshments at first full orchestra rehearsal. Check with Social Director to see if there are stored refreshments from cast rehearsals that can be used. OrchestraManager 2/1/2004 FirstOrch 7.00 306
Plan performance timing Everyone should understand the importance of timing during the show. The people listed in this item are responsible for performance timing in the house and on the stage. This item may be done at a technical staff meeting -- if so, invite the House Manager.
Any crew members who make critical contributions to performance timing should be invited to this meeting or briefed by the Stage Manager afterwards, as appropriate. Examples: light board operators, scene shift crew, costume and makeup crews (for quick changes).
TechnicalDirector, HouseManager, StageManager 2/1/2004 LastPerf -28.00 303
Audio-attend run-through rehearsal Arrange with Stage Director to attend at least one run-through in Hawes Hall in order to get a sense of the show and performers, and to discuss sound and blocking issues with the Stage Director. Try to identify potential audibility problems, especially weak voices and upstage blocking. Consider putting someone in the orchestra pit with a shotgun mike for better upstage coverage. SoundDesigner 2/1/2004 MonsterSun -14.00 462
Monster Sunday-Assign pot luck supplies and food Assign people to bring supplies and food for Monster Sunday potluck: cups, napkins, drinks, plates, flatware, coffee, tea, sugar, cream or milk, one coffeepot for coffee, one coffeepot for hot water (check if they can be borrowed from SUMC). Provide a sign-up sheet to help people who don't know what to bring figure out what's already on the list and to make sure that EVERY cast member has signed up to bring something. If some haven't signed up by the last rehearsal before Monster Sunday, give them an assignment, within reason. Everyone attending should bring enough to feed three people, to cover for those who for whatever reason don't bring anything. Food must be pre-cooked. SocialDirector 2/2/2004 MonsterSun -13.00 320
Refreshments-combined orchestra/chorus rehearsal The Social Director should plan for the cast to bring double refreshments to the combined cast/orchestra rehearsal. It may be necessary to assign people, e.g. those who have not volunteered for refreshments at cast rehearsals. SocialDirector 2/2/2004 MonsterSun -13.00 449
Expand the props list Add columns to the props list to keep track of (1) prop completion or acquisition, (2) prop ownership, (3) character(s) who use the prop, and (4) where the prop should be pre-set (which side of the stage). Keep this list up-to-date. Revise it at the tech sessions and during the rehearsals.
By this point, the entire list of props should be complete. It is too late to expect the Props Chief or Props Acquisition Crew to obtain any new props not already on the list.
PropsChief 2/2/2004 LastPerf -27.00 305
Distribute detailed tech week schedule Distribute a detailed rehearsal schedule for tech week, including all call times. This is complicated since different groups (cast, orchestra, crew, and gofers), generally have different call times or even different required rehearsals. List all social activities and related pre- and post-week activities, including light hanging, put-in, and strike. CastManager 2/2/2004 MonsterSun -13.00 447
Recruit Last Party Host The Powers have often volunteered to host this party, which we call the "last" party because it's not just for the cast. Now that we have two "last" parties, one after the last show and another after the strike, we can have twice as much fun. Prepare maps for distribution by the Technical Director after Sunday afternoon strike is done -- everyone should attend strike. SocialDirector 2/2/2004 LastPerf -27.00 307
Recruit Gofers for Tech Week Recruit go-fers for tech week, based on earlier discussions with key people needing go-fer assistance. The Database Manager can provide sign-up sheets to be used by the Cast Manager (but is not involved in recruiting go-fers).
A go-fer should assist -- before and after the rehearsal or performance -- in hauling stuff back and forth from the cars, hanging costumes, setting up the pit, sweeping the stage, etc., at the direction of the bigwig. Use non-cast-members when possible, since non-cast-members may be able to work all week. This provides welcome opportunities to learn the ropes in risk-free fashion! Certain physical requirements must be met.
NOTE: Official go-fers have not been used for several years (2002). People who need help simply ask for it.
CastManager 2/3/2004 LastPerf -26.00 310
Stage Manager cast notes Stage Manager should inform the cast of the rules of the theater. Discuss management, theater, sign in sheets, cast behavior, audience behavior (no flash photography), permission for children backstage, security (or lack thereof). StageManager 2/3/2004 LastPerf -26.00 311
Begin collecting data for Playbill Insert At this point the actual Playbill has been finalized. Additional credits, thanks, etc. will go on the insert. Since this data also needs to appear in the Database, the Database Manager again prepares the text portion of the playbill insert to the Playbill Layout Chief's specifications. The Playbill Layout Chief is responsible for any graphics for the playbill insert.
As an ongoing activity, continue to collect this data and post it adjacent to copies of the related playbill data (the playbill data has been marked "final, no changes") at Hawes Hall and at the school.
PlaybillLayoutChief, DatabaseManager 2/3/2004 LastPerf -26.00 308
Audio and video coordination Confirm arrangements for audio feed to video production. Make sure that the people who will run the audio board (yourself or any recruits) understand video's requirements. SoundDesigner 2/5/2004 LastPerf -24.00 313
Pickup rental lighting equipment, gels LightingDesigner 2/8/2004 MonsterSun -7.00 363
Plan put-in schedule TechnicalDirector 2/8/2004 LastPerf -21.00 322
Submit opening and closing video credits VideoChief, PlaybillLayoutChief 2/8/2004 LastPerf -21.00 325
Preliminary light cues to Stage Manager Give preliminary light cues to Stage Manager. These will help the Stage Manager while attending rehearsals at Hawes Hall. It is understood that these are preliminary and subject to change. LightingDesigner 2/8/2004 LastPerf -21.00 324
Arrange video duplication and price Arrange for video duplication. Agree on prices with the Internal Sales Chief and report the prices to the Producer. Agree on who distributes the videotapes. VideoChief, InternalSalesChief 2/8/2004 LastPerf -21.00 319
Deliver playbill final layout Deliver playbill final layout to Printer Liaison. The Playbill Layout Chief provides camera ready copy and binding instructions detailing the page-up to the Printer Liaison. The Printer Liaison delivers the ready-to-go copy supplied by the Playbill Layout Chief to the printer. PlaybillLayoutChief 2/9/2004 LastPerf -20.00 326
Deliver playbill final layout to printer Printer probably needs two weeks to print playbills. For count: take ticket budget and divide by adult full price. PlaybillLayoutChief 2/10/2004 LastPerf -19.00 329
Check lighting rental Check lighting rental to ensure that the order will be honored as planned. LightingDesigner 2/10/2004 LastPerf -19.00 328
Costumes-Reminders to Cast At last Friday rehearsal (or earlier) remind/instruct the cast about what to wear on stage. In particular, tell them:
Put on face, neck, and hand makeup at (tell them which tech week rehearsals), and bring your own eye makeup.
Get Costume Designer's approval to wear any jewelry, including wedding rings, which can be covered if they can't be removed. Never wear a wristwatch on stage.
Wear undershirts, use deodorant, wash frequently, and do not use perfume (some people are allergic).
Let the costume and makeup help you feel, think, and look your roles.
CostumeDesigner, MakeupDesigner 2/13/2004 MonsterSun -2.00 461
Recruit Set Running Crew StageManager 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 343
Recruit Props Running Crew The Props Running Crew is responsible for the management of props during the performances. If the props for the show are not very complicated, props crew members can double as stage crew. PropsChief 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 341
Recruit Light Hanging Crew LightingDesigner 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 336
Recruit Costume Running and strike crews Recruit a costume Running Crew for the Stage Manager, to help with costume problems during the run of the show. Also recruit a costume Strike crew to collect costumes after the show, clean them, and return or store them. This is a big job -- don't plan to do it all yourself. CostumeConstructionChief 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 334
Prepare for emergencies Verify telephone numbers for police, fire, electric company power failure, ambulance, and radio announcements of cancellation.
Define action plan to eliminate flash photography from the audience! Distracting and dangerous to the performers! House Manager may be the only person in the crew in appropriate clothes to remind audience members.
HouseManager 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 339
Sell t-shirts and libretti in the lobby Are there any leftover shirts to be sold? Price? In 1990, all 23 leftovers were sold, at $8 per T-shirt and $15 per sweatshirt (1 small, 6 medium, 8 large, 8 extra-large). In 1991, libretti sold (poorly) for $5. More sold in a later year for $2. Get those libretti (that the ticket sellers haven't sold) from Producer to sell in lobby. {Note: should we even produce libretti?} {Also plan to sell left-over vocal scores and buttons.} HouseManager 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 342
Announce basic props rules to the cast Members of the cast are responsible for any props they take home. They are also responsible, on stage, for getting their props and returning their props to the props table. If a prop is handed from one person to another, or left on stage, the first person who touches the prop is responsible for arranging the removal of the prop by another cast or crew member.
Make a checklist for props by act and musical number. Use the checklist before and after each show, and during intermission. Make index cards for each cast member listing props they use by song or dialogue number. Give cards to cast.
PropsChief 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 332
Last Supper-Advance payment Give Last Supper coordinator an advance payment for the food to be served. Treasurer 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 331
Recruit Makeup Running Crew MakeupDesigner 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 337
Check makeup supplies All makeup supplies should be acquired by now. MakeupDesigner 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 360
Create 'sign in' sheets for cast and crew Create 'sign in' sheets for cast and crew at theater. CastManager 2/13/2004 LastPerf -16.00 335
Install audio equipment Pick up rented and borrowed audio gear. Run and tape down cables. Equipment should be installed and ready for fine-tuning during the run-throughs on Monster Sunday. If equipment can't be installed during Saturday Put-In, consider coming early on Sunday so that it is ready for the first run-through. SoundDesigner 2/14/2004 MonsterSun -1.00 368
Discuss emergency preparations Have a meeting of the lobby staff, perhaps during and rehearsal or party, just to recognize each other and to plan for the unexpected. HouseManager 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 362
Copy the expanded props list The Technical Director needs a list of props requiring special handling for put-in and strike planning. The props running crew needs a several copies for each performance to ensure proper placement of props. The Props Crew is responsible for storing props correctly after each rehearsal or performance. Check with Stage Manager to arrange props tables both stage left and stage right. They can be backstage or out in the hallway. PropsChief 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 344
Discuss general cues with Director Discuss general cues with Director: primarily lighting cues; other cues as needed StageManager, LightingDesigner 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 345
Plan tech week-Space Use Plan the use of space and time during rehearsals in the auditorium. Allocate time for company photo; generally done on the second tech rehearsal night. Producer is responsible for contracting the photographer. Keep in constant touch to stay informed of changes in this plan.
The Technical Director is responsible for informing technical staff members, specifically the Stage Manager, of the tech week plan. The Music Director is responsible for informing orchestra members and rehearsal pianists. The Producer, probably via the Cast Manager, is responsible for informing other production participants, specifically the cast.
StageDirector, MusicDirector, TechnicalDirector 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 348
Prepare the props problems sign-up list. The Props Chief prepares a sheet for cast members to write notes about problems with props, such as "sword broken, needs tape." This sheet is posted at the church and at the stage during the final rehearsals and up until the last performance. PropsChief 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 349
Name Tags Returned Collect name tags before Tech Week, since they will no longer be used at the school. They should be left in the Savoyards storage area in the attic of Hawes Hall in a box marked "Cast Manager". CastManager 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 370
Props storage and transportation Use small packing boxes: they're easily labeled, opened, closed, stacked, moved. A props "crash kit" may be helpful. PropsChief 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 350
Organize production review meeting (debriefing) Announce time and place of the Production Review to company. The specific invitees are the "Who Does" list for the debriefing item. Both current and new Board members are invited. Any other members are also welcome and encouraged to attend. SecondTrombone 2/14/2004 LastPerf -15.00 347
Transport and install orchestra wall and pit The orchestra wall contains electrical wiring for music stand lights. This wiring should be tested and repaired when the wall is installed.
When installed in its final position, the orchestra wall hinders but does not prevent the lighting crew from gaining access to some overhead lighting positions. The wall may be moved, if necessary, to accommodate lighting crew needs, but not if orchestra chairs and music stands are in place, and especially not if the orchestra is in the pit! Note that orchestra chairs and music stands are usually set up for each day's rehearsal or performance and removed for each night.
Having the orchestra wall set up as early as possible has a number of benefits in rehearsal: allows acoustic balance to be adjusted under (approximately) performance conditions; keeps orchestra members in the pit, and crew members out; allows music stand lights to be used.
In the pit, folding or straight back chairs are needed, with special attention to needs of cellists and bassoonists who prefer flat seats. Others may also have different requirements. When stand-lights are not necessary, musicians may supply their own folding stands. Stands which will support stand-lights (Manhasset or similar) are required in the performance space.
If these are not available for the entire run of the show, they may need to be rented. Generally, string players share stands. Lights are rented or borrowed, generally a light for each stand, with extra lights for replacement, should there be a need during a performance. Lighting bars or the equivalent for connection to the power supply are required, also extension cords. Spare bulbs and plugs should be available.
Sound absorbing materials, carpets and baffle, are supplied by the company.
TechnicalDirector 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 374
Music Director and orchestra stuff to bring today (first rehearsal with orchestra in the auditorium). Bring, today and henceforth: music stand lights, electric cords, Baton, and white gloves. MusicDirector, OrchestraManager 2/15/2004 MonsterSun 0.00 379
Audio check at auditorium Fine tune the audio equipment during each production week rehearsal. Be sure to allocate time for daily set-up and strike of equipment, if necessary. It is very hard to hear in the LSRH auditorium, so practice boosting levels as necessary to allow the audience to follow the plot and jokes and hear as much of the lyrics as possible. Slightly unnatural sound is better than inaudible words. SoundDesigner 2/15/2004 MonsterSun 0.00 375
Set up pit (first rehearsal with orchestra in the auditorium). Today and henceforth, set up chairs, music stands, music stand lights, and electrical wiring in the orchestra pit before each rehearsal or performance. Possible sources of help include the Stage Manager, technical crews, and the orchestra. Also remove these materials from the orchestra pit after each rehearsal or performance, if required. MusicDirector, OrchestraManager 2/15/2004 MonsterSun 0.00 380
Clean Out Cast Manager's Box Clean out Cast Manager's Box of all non-valid materials. Offer these to the Archivist. CastManager 2/15/2004 FirstPerf -5.00 466
First pass lighting Lighting should be up and first pass aiming and coloring should be complete. LightingDesigner 2/15/2004 FirstPerf -5.00 378
Supervise put-in There will probably not be enough counterweights. The TD is responsible for allocating counterweights between the needs of the set pieces and the lighting instruments. See past put-in plans for ideas and details. TechnicalDirector 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 373
Prepare price posters One for each performance. Also one to describe prices of non-food items (T-shirts, libretti, etc.) being sold in the lobby. HouseManager 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 372
Finish set details Set should be ready for transportation. All materials required for set up and running should be on hand. SetDesigner 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 108
Prepare order sheet for photographs Company members will want to order photos (4x6, 5x7, 8x10) and slide copies of the shots taken during the First performance and the company photo. Photographer 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 110
Hang lights LightingDesigner 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 367
Arrange radio communication with janitors This is invaluable in locating janitors when needed. They are critical during performances and highly desirable during all of tech week. StageManager 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 364
Erect set Set should now be up and any problems corrected. Hold tech rehearsals with and without cast as required. SetDesigner 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 365
Assure creature comforts in the lobby Is there sufficient heat for lobby personnel and audience members? Remind lobby staff to dress warmly. HouseManager 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 107
Pre-Hang lights Install follow-spot towers now if possible. LightingDesigner 2/15/2004 LastPerf -14.00 109
Tech week-Refreshment Details Assign five people to bring Tech Week refreshments for EACH rehearsal and performance when the orchestra is absent -- ten people when the orchestra is present. It's especially important to have the cup people brings LOTS of cups.
During tech week, there should be more juice than soda, since soda doesn't keep well from night to night once opened. Some people should sign up to bring ice.
For the potluck, arrange tables to allow the line, which begins in the auditorium, to split into a line on each side. Arrange the food in a logical order (e.g. dessert last).
Find out what areas of the school may be used for eating and drinking. This may be different for the potluck supper than at other times, or it may be the same. Be sure the cast, crew, and orchestra know about these restrictions. Post signs. Suggestion: once assigned, give each cast member an index card listing exactly what they are supposed to bring to the potluck as well as throughout tech week and performances.
Make sure that you have 2 gophers per night to set up and put away refreshments
SocialDirector 2/16/2004 LastPerf -13.00 381
Finalize Playbill Insert At roughly this point no further additions can be made to the playbill insert. The Playbill Layout Chief and Database Manager must produce final copies, which the Playbill Layout Chief will deliver to the Printer Liaison. Depending on the size of the insert and the availability of copier access, it may be possible to produce the Thursday evening supply of inserts without use of the Printer, allowing one more day to collect final data. PlaybillLayoutChief, DatabaseManager 2/16/2004 FirstPerf -4.00 383
Review ticket policies The group discount is only applicable in advance, not at the door. Refunds and exchanges of tickets are allowed. The White Coupons (complimentary tickets) must be accounted for so that we know who actually used them (names were written on the back when they were issued, although we don't check ID!) Cast members must return tickets to the Tickets Chief, not the lobby crew or House Manager. HouseManager 2/16/2004 FirstPerf -4.00 389
Tech week-Supply List 2 to 5 plasticized table cloths to protect the school tables;
Jugs for water and lemonade;
Ladle with hook for lemonade;
At least 150' of heavy gauge extension cords (there is only one outlet in the lobby, so plan on routing power from the auditorium);
Multiple outlet box with circuit breaker and several power strips;
Urn for hot water (VERY important);
Tea bags, sugar, stirrers, hot cups;
Sponge and paper towels for cleanup;
Cardboard boxes to store things in cage overnight;
2 large coolers for transporting drinks;
Trash bags (particularly for the potluck), spray cleaner and paper towels;
Extra spoons (potluck), including serving spoons;
Signs for food/drink;
Coffee urn for potluck;
"Hostess" heating trays;
3 big fans for dressing rooms would be appreciated.
Check with last year's social director to see if this list is up-to-date. Be sure to turn in an updated list for next year at the debriefing.
SocialDirector 2/16/2004 LastPerf -13.00 382
Arrange backstage and lobby video monitors Borrow backstage video monitor and monitor cart from high school. Check with House Manager to see if s/he will provide monitor for the lobby, otherwise borrow another monitor. Call Fred Walker, A/V Dept. Head at LSRHS X281 to get permission to borrow. During performances the custodian will have keys to the A/V room. Borrowed monitor is to be returned to A/V room each night after use, except Friday night, when it may be locked up backstage. Provide video feed and small monitor for stage manager. Also provide a lobby monitor, together with a sign noting that the videotapes on sale will be much higher quality than the images displayed on the lobby monitor. VideoChief 2/16/2004 LastPerf -13.00 111
Train assistants and organize supplies Have assistants present for the Monday night run-through so that they are familiar with the tasks by opening night. Organize a bundle of supplies for each makeup table, to speed setup. Bring a spare supply box and a 5 gallon water container (with spigot) -- water is at some distance from the makeup area. Bring spare 40W bulbs in case some burn out. Bring a slop bucket for waste. MakeupDesigner 2/16/2004 MonsterSun 1.00 448
Makeup specials done Any special makeup constructs must be complete by now. MakeupDesigner 2/17/2004 LastPerf -12.00 114
Costumes rental finalized Finalize pickup and return arrangements (drivers, cleaners, etc.) CostumeConstructionChief 2/17/2004 LastPerf -12.00 113
Small bills for lobby change Arrange to have $100 in one-dollar bills and $100 in five-dollar bills for the first and matinee performances. Increase to $200 plus $200 for the Friday and Saturday evening performances. TicketsChief 2/17/2004 FirstPerf -3.00 390
Costumes done All made and borrowed costumes should be fitted by this time CostumeConstructionChief 2/17/2004 LastPerf -12.00 112
Find keys for lobby doors Find keys for lobby doors to avoid locking the audience out of the performance. HouseManager 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2.00 386
Provide communication from lobby to Stage Manager Provide communication from lobby to Stage Manager for emergency use. It may be best to use the lighting booth personnel for this. HouseManager 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2.00 388
Find telephones Find telephones for emergency use. Suggestion: find members with cellular phones, preferably transportable or portable. HouseManager 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2.00 387
Tech week-record rehearsals Arrange a 'story board' of the action to try to catch on videotape for each scene, and practice at one or more tech week rehearsals. The Stage Director may want to review the rehearsal tape to fine tune the show and/or the video story board.
2002 notes: Due to time constraints, this has not been very useful. To view the tape before a rehearsal the next day and make any changes is difficult. Taking notes during the run and writing them up for the cast to read at their convenience has worked well. Tech notes can be delivered to those responsible after the rehearsal so they have time to adjust.
VideoChief, StageDirector 2/18/2004 FirstPerf -2.00 463
Tickets money to Treasurer Turn over money collected so far and corresponding ticket counts. TicketsChief 2/19/2004 LastPerf -10.00 359
Tickets and money to Tickets Chief Turn over money collected so far and corresponding ticket counts. ReservationsChief 2/19/2004 LastPerf -10.00 358
Last Supper-reconfirm/get server names Confirm Last Supper plans with the supper chief. Obtain list of workers, and be sure that their names are spelled correctly. Give the names to the database manager TODAY so that they may be entered into the database and given to the Graphic Designer with the final updated list of names for appreciation certificates. ChurchLiaison 2/19/2004 LastPerf -10.00 357
Finalize performance space arrangements Call performance space to finalize arrangements for custodial support, use of space, unlocking doors, heat, etc. Mention the Stage Manager's name to performance space staff -- the Stage Manager will be responsible for performance space liaison once the production moves there. Get a telephone number to use in the event of trouble. Producer 2/19/2004 LastPerf -10.00 356
Begin strike planning TechnicalDirector 2/19/2004 LastPerf -10.00 354
Photos during First performance Take color digital photos (without flash) during the first performance. Try to get at least one shot of each chorus member. Photographer 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 396
Boutonnieres Bring boutonnieres for Director, Music Director, ushers, ticket sellers. Suggestion: buy a bunch of daisies or mums and let the ushers make their own boutonnieres. Producer 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 393
Tickets Chief's duties for performances Turn over to Treasurer ticket money collected so far, with corresponding ticket counts, one hour before the performance. Turn over all available tickets (with ticket count) for tonight's performance and cash for making change to House Manager. Discuss with the House Manager whether the Tickets Chief should pre-tear some ticket stubs for discounted tickets. TicketsChief 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 401
Usher training Ushers should not open the doors until notified by the House Manager. We need 2 ushers, 4 ticket sellers, and 1 door guard per performance. Tell everyone to save the comp tickets, so that we can determine who used their comps (they should be marked with the name of the person/group who got them).
The ushers just need to usher and can see most of the performance. Ushers must prevent anyone from entering the stage from the audience. This is especially true for the matinee performance (children) and the final performance.
One of the ticket sellers is free about 1/2 hour after the performance starts. The other ticket seller needs to reconcile tickets/money and that takes until about intermission. Since there are always stragglers, this second ticket seller needs to be out in the lobby prepared to sell tickets right up until intermission.
HouseManager 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 392
Tickets and money to Tickets Chief Give tickets and money to Tickets Chief before 7pm for each evening performance, before 1pm for all matinee tickets (at least 1 hour before curtain). ReservationsChief 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 400
House Manager's duties at evening performances Bring a ditty bag: scotch tape, masking tape, straight pins, rubber bands for $ and ticket stubs, box for ticket stubs, two flashlights.
6 PM: verify that the auditorium, lobby, and rest rooms are clean and well stocked (get custodial help if necessary).
(time TBD): Ask assigned police officer to keep people from parking at curb. Police officer is invited to watch performance.
(time TBD): open house at Stage Manager's direction.
1:15 before curtain, or 0:30 before house open, whichever is earlier: ushers and ticket sellers should have arrived by now.
Curtain time: request Stage Manager to start the show and close house doors.
At intermission, the House Manager should turn over to the Treasurer all money from the evening's ticket sales. The House Manager should also prepare an accounting of the tickets sold, and turn it over to the Treasurer and Tickets Chief, including the used ticket stubs and coupons, unused tickets.
Intermissions, end of show: duties as previously arranged with Stage Manager
HouseManager 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 394
Music Director's stuff to bring today Bring, today and henceforth: Performance dress (tuxedo, tie, shirt, shoes, socks), clean handkerchiefs, a candy bar, if starting the overture fast enough is a problem. MusicDirector 2/20/2004 FirstPerf 0.00 395
Check video cables We installed some permanent video cables in the ceiling -- one end is located audience right near lighting booth; other end is located near the men's room. Be sure we still have continuity, and repair if necessary. VideoChief 2/23/2004 LastPerf -6.00 377
Distribute preliminary strike plan Distribute preliminary strike plan for education and comment. Resolve possible conflicts now about space and time use during strike. See past strike plans for ideas and details. TechnicalDirector 2/25/2004 LastPerf -4.00 385
Record performances Actively record at least two performances (e.g. Friday and Saturday nights), in case of problems. Provide at least a fixed camera for the back-stage monitor for all performances. VideoChief 2/27/2004 LastPerf -2.00 398
Return Savoyard lights Store Savoyard-owned lighting equipment in an appropriate manner and place. LightingDesigner 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 411
House Manager's duties for matinee performances Similar to opening, but adjust times for matinee. Before leaving after the Saturday matinee (second week), instruct custodians to clean the auditorium and rest rooms between performances. HouseManager 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 408
Store makeup Store any unused makeup materials in an appropriate manner and place. MakeupDesigner 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 413
Tickets chief's duties for performances Similar to yesterday, but at 1 PM (before the matinee) turn over ALL remaining tickets to the House Manager - no one will buy tickets to the evening performance from the Tickets Chief between the Saturday performances. TicketsChief 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 414
Collect and return costumes Collect costumes during Saturday strike. Clean costumes as required. Return rented and borrowed costumes. Store Savoyard-owned costumes in an appropriate manner and place. CostumeConstructionChief 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 404
Return props Return rented and borrowed props. Store Savoyard-owned props in an appropriate manner and place. Return props borrowed from cast members during strike, per strike plan. PropsChief 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 412
Music Director and orchestra stuff to take home today (closing performance). Be sure to bring home all personal equipment used during the show, including: music stands, music stand lights, percussion instruments, electric cords, baton, and orchestra parts. Inventory all rented or purchased orchestra parts and erase if necessary. Disassemble the pit (chairs, stands, and lights). MusicDirector, OrchestraManager 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 409
Remove signs at SUMC and fire stations TechnicalDirector 2/29/2004 LastPerf 0.00 410
Supervise strike and transportation TechnicalDirector 3/1/2004 LastPerf 1.00 417
Display digital photos at strike party Photographer 3/1/2004 LastPerf 1.00 415
Strike audio equipment Strike, inventory, and pack up audio equipment. Return any rented and borrowed equipment immediately. SoundDesigner 3/1/2004 LastPerf 1.00 416
Return rented lights Return rented and borrowed lighting equipment. LightingDesigner 3/2/2004 LastPerf 2.00 418
Board Meeting- March Hear reports from the Stage/Music Directors, Producer, Tech Director, Board officers, and Board Staff members. Review production status in each of these departments and perform any necessary conflict resolution. BoardofTrustees, StageDirector, MusicDirector, Producer, TechnicalDirector, SecondTrombone 3/15/2004 MarBoard 0.00 318
Update and Return annotated Task List Annotate your task list with suggests for things to change in next year's task list. Your added comments are very important in helping us improve the organization and our productions. Return your annotated task list to the person who recruited you or to the Chairman, or else bring it with you to Debriefing and return it there. BoardofTrustees, BoardStaff, ArtisticStaff, ProductionStaff, TechnicalStaff 3/16/2004 Debrief -7.00 429
Prepare post-show mailing Prepare and mail a short newsletter that gives news about the Spring show and announces any summer activities, as well as soliciting candidates for Director interviews for the next Spring show. Send to the Membership list {or just current members?}, possibly with a variant for members of the most recent show. {Note: integrate this with the Sandwich Board yearly schedule.} NewsletterEditor 3/21/2004 LastPerf 21.00 420
Collect technical task lists and comments Check that Production Staff and Technical Staff members have returned annotated job packets to the Database manager, including suggestions for improvements. TechnicalDirector 3/23/2004 Debrief 0.00 427
Collect production task lists and comments Collect annotated task lists from the production staff and deliver to the Database Manager. Include: Cast Manager, Chorus Chiefs, Graphic Designer, House Manager, Internal Sales Chief, Photographer, Playbill Ad Chief, Playbill Layout, Printer Liaison, Producer, Publicity Chief, Social Director, Telephone Reservations, Tickets Chief, Video Chief Producer 3/23/2004 Debrief 0.00 426
Return SUMC keys to Chairman Board Staff members may keep their keys until their terms end, but Artistic Staff, Production Staff, and Technical Staff members should return their keys at Debriefing. The Producer should ensure that the latter two groups have returned their keys. {and maybe the Artistic Staff as well} StageDirector, MusicDirector, TechnicalDirector, Producer, CastManager, CostumeConstructionChief 3/23/2004 Debrief 0.00 428
Collect Board task lists and comments Collect annotated task lists from the Board and deliver to the Database Manager. Second Trombone collects task lists from : Chairman, Church Liaison, Music Director, Orchestra Manager, Database Manager, Nominating Committee, Second Trombone, Stage Director, Treasurer, and Trustees SecondTrombone 3/23/2004 Debrief 0.00 425