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Last Revised on July 22, 2014

Welcome to your Task List! The Sudbury Savoyards Task Lists are designed to be used as a guideline for how you can successfully complete your job in the current production. The task list is divided into five sections: In order to keep this task list current and helpful, please edit it as you see fit. You will be asked to turn in your marked-up copy at the Debriefing Meeting. You can also send any changes electronically by clicking here or the link at the top of this page.

General Information

Quick List

Task Description & When Due
Accept Chairman's Role May 1
Collect incoming Trustee Task Lists May 1 - Collect signed Trustee Task List from each newly elected Trustee
Distribute SUMC keys Should be done in July or as positions are filled
Interview Directors For Winter Production June
Sudbury 4th of July Parade Decision to participate in the Parade or not. June
Board Meeting Agenda Monthly or as needed.
Appoint Show Planning Committee Appoint the committee in September
Yeomen of Regard Call for nominations for Yeomen of Regard October
Letter of Introduction November
SUMC Annual Report The church will set the date, but the information may be needed by November 1st.
Two-Ring Welcome Speech Two-Ring. Usually in late October or early November, and normally by the Producer's.
Chairman's Welcome Speech Audition nights. Usually in November, and normally by the Producer's.
Playbill Letter & Nominations Appoint Nominating Committee.
Submit Chairman's Letter to Playbill Layout Chief - December
Special Thanks Beginning in January, For those to be included in the Playbill.
Summer Show January
Draft Annual Meeting Agenda February
Run General Meeting Last Supper (between final matinee and evening performance).
Collect SUMC keys At the Debriefing meeting. See the show calendar for the exact date
Attend Debriefing Meeting Date is determined by the Producer
Return Task List Return to the Task List Manager at Debriefing Meeting.

Task Details

Accept Chairman's Role

Invitation to interview for Stage Director, Music Director and Producer for winter production.
Choose date for SUMC Donation and confirm or set amount.

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Distribute SUMC keys

Distribute SUMC keys to the Second Trombone, Rental Agents, Stage Director, Music Director, Producer, Cast Manager, Technical Director, and Costume Construction Chief. Give this last three to the Producer if the positions aren't recruited yet). The Chairman may also want a key. This list can be trimmed, if necessary, but all of these people have duties that sometimes require them to be able to open Hawes Hall. Some of these keys may be out to Summer Show personnel until the end of July.

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Board Meeting Agenda

Develop Agenda and distribute to Board for comments, changes and additional items. 1 week prior to the meeting.
Sets Agenda for Board Meetings and distributes it 2-3 days prior to each meeting

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Appoint Show Planning Committee

The Chairman should appoint 3 members to a Show Selection Subcommittee, whose purpose is to research possible shows for the following season. The subcommittee's job is to identify the two or three most likely shows and present to the Board their conclusions about the merits of selecting each of the shows. The subcommittee should present their results at the October meeting, so that the Board can discuss the issues, ask for more data if they need it, and make a final decision by the November board meeting.

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Letter of Introduction

The Chairman prepares a letter of introduction for each member of the Management Team to present to vendors and suppliers. The Database Manager can arrange automatic production of individual copies of the text supplied by the Chairman. This should include multiple copies of our Tax Exempt certification.

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SUMC Annual Report

The Church will ask the group to provide some information for their annual report. The report may be required by the church as early as November 1st. It should list our income, expenses, and donations for the prior season, as well as general information about the Sudbury Savoyards.

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Two-Ring Welcome Speech

About 1/2 an hour after the party starts, the Chairman should welcome everyone to the Two Ring Circus and perform introductions. Typically, the Chairman introduces the Board and Board Staff members, then the Producer, Technical Director, and Stage/Music Directors, who each introduce the people in their departments. The Stage and Music Directors should describe their concept for the show. If possible, set designs and costume designs should be displayed. The Music Director {or producer?} should arrange for an accompanist to play through the show after the introductions are over.

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Chairman's Welcome Speech

The Chairman generally gives a welcome/introductory speech at auditions (both nights). Discuss timing and content of the (short) Audition announcements with the Producer, Stage Director and the Music Director.
Give a brief speech, introducing yourself and the organization. Key points include:

¤  we are all volunteer and donate our proceeds to the relief of world hunger
¤  we don't assess any charges to be in our show
¤  we welcome and encourage cast members to volunteer to help in any way they can, including set building, costume construction, and other tasks
¤  we don't audition the chorus -- but still manage to do great productions through our community and commitment (and chorus tapes).

Introduce the Producer, who introduces the Cast Manager (for names/addresses and rehearsal schedule and name tags) and Internal Sales Chief (for scores, T-shirts, tapes).
Remind people to complete both a name tag AND an address form.
Introduce the Stage Director, Music Director. Turn this evening over to them.

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Special Thanks

Start writing down people who should get special thanks or credits in the playbill. Notify the Producer of any deserving complimentary ticket(s)

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Summer Show

Determine what summer events will take place.
Invite candidates to interview for the Summer Show (if one is planned).

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Run General Meeting

Run the annual meeting at the Last Supper, starting it as soon as most people have cleared the buffet line (you must cut in line and eat quickly). The agenda is prepared by the Second Trombone in consultation with the Chairman, but the primary focus is to elect the new board members* and present certificates and engraved gifts, and to generally celebrate the show.

When giving certificates to the Gold Star Management Team, also give them an agenda and instructions for the debriefing. Give certificates for people who aren't present to the Secretary for mailing.

*Please note: The Chairman does not vote except in the case of a tie.

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Collect SUMC keys

Collect SUMC keys from the Second Trombone, Rental Agents, Stage Director, Music Director, Producer, Cast Manager, Technical Director, and Costume Construction Chief. Return keys to the SUMC Secretary for re-distribution.

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Attend Debriefing Meeting

The Producer is responsible for setting for scheduling the Debriefing session, generally held within a month of the show closing. The meeting is to go over the production, focusing on areas of great success and areas which need significant improvement.

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Update and Return Task List to the Task List Manager by the Debriefing Meeting.

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Tasks that require your input, but are the responsibility of others


  • Board Minutes and Agendas - The Secretary is responsible for writing up minutes of meetings and distributing them to the Board prior to the next meeting. The Secretary is also responsible to create/send out the agenda for any upcoming meetings, though the Chairman may choose to draw up the agendas. A list of templates for each monthly meeting can be found in the Reference section at the end of this document. - Ongoing throughout the year.

  • Recruit Data Base Manager - The Board of Trustees recruit the Data Base Manager and the Task List Manager. They provide the list of Board meeting dates through 1-Jan so the calendar can be updated. This should be done in May.

  • Recruit Stage and Music Directors - The Board of Trustees recruit chosen candidates for positions of Stage Director and Music Director. Should be done in June.

  • Recruit Producer - The Board must recruit the Producer as soon as possible, so that they can start recruiting Production Staff members during the summer, with the assistance of the Board. Should be completed by July.

  • Show planning-School Application - The Theatre Liaison is responsible for submitting the application to reserve the school. This is generally a protracted affair, so the Chairman should be ready to assist whenever needed. Application should be submitted by September

  • Preliminary Budget - The Producer will present a preliminary budget to the Board for discussion at the September Board Meeting.

  • Casting Calls - The directors may choose to only contact those being offered lead roles. It has been the custom in the past few years that Board Members contact those not being offered roles to encourage them to help the production in other ways (chorus, crew, house staff, etc.) as well as get feedback on the audition process. To be completed between casting decisions and first chorus rehearsal.

  • Finalize Budget - The Producer will submit the final budget for review. by December board meeting.

  • Appoint Nominating Committee - It is recommended that the Second Trombone choose committee members who know the membership well enough to solicit candidates. An important part of the nominating committee's job is to solicit candidates, not just nominations. The nominating committee should not, in fact, waste time soliciting nominations, since few people nominate themselves or others. Instead, the committee should request nominations, but spend most of its time soliciting candidates. People do often enjoy and are honored to be asked. The committee should know, at the beginning, that this will be necessary. Mid-December

  • Obtain bylaw changes from Board of Trustees - The Second Trombone asks the Board if there are any proposed bylaw changes for this year's ballot. If so, obtain the full text of each bylaw change, a commentary on the reasons behind it, and a brief summary of the bylaw change for use on the ballot. Post these at combined chorus/orchestra rehearsal and backstage in two places during tech week. Should be done by February board meeting.

  • Last Supper-Election Procedure - The Nominating Committee announces the candidates and announce who is permitted to vote (typically, everyone present). Committee distributes and collects the ballots -- keep the Chairman's ballot separate, since it is only counted in the event of a tie. Count ballots while certificates are passed out. Here is a way to count ballots quickly and effectively:
        -Divide all the completed ballots into groups and distribute among those who are counting.
        -Each person goes through one group of ballots, once per candidate, and tallies the number of votes on a blank ballot.
        -Trade groups of counted ballots with another person, who counts the ballots using the same technique, and have a third person recount any discrepancies. Summarize the tally onto one ballot.
        -Hand this tally to the chairman, who should announce the winners but not the vote tally.

    Done at Last Supper/General Meeting

  • Outgoing Board Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Church Liaison) should updated their Task List and submit them to the Task List Manager. by the March Board meeting so changes can be incorporated.

  • Chairman distributes to all incoming Board Members the Task Lists for the officer positions. Objective is for all new and present board members to have a full understanding of the responsibilities for the Officer Positions prior to committing to one.

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    Reference Documents

    Board Meeting Agendas (MS Word)