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DVDs of past shows as well as the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Video are available.

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Up Next! The 2015 Summer Show

Unnecessary Farce

Directed by Wendy Stuart

Auditions in May, 2015

Details will be posted once they become available.


Patience 2015

You may still visit our Patience page, performed in February of 2015.

2015 Board of Trustees Election Results

The Annual Meeting of The Sudbury Savoyards was held on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 and included voting for the Board of Trustees. Three positions were opening and the following people have been elected:

Herschel Clopper (re-elected for a second term)
Susan Elberger
Karen Powers (re-elected for a second term)

Congratulations! The Sudbury Savoyards would like to thank Dennis O'Brien, current Board Chairman who will be completing his terms on the board over the next few months.

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  • Our charitable work with the Sudbury United Methodist Church and impact of our fundraising on the relief of hunger
  • Other G&S and musical theatre-related topics

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